What do you think about fast weight loss and you like to eat chocolate?  This is definitely the most delicious diet. You can eat chocolate, popcorn and pasta and you will loss weight. Does it sound like dream diet? You should try it. Creator of this diet is Lenny Neiman and he says that it works perfectly but you are not allowed to eat any other sweets and candies.

During the chocolate diet,this is also not allowed to consume: alcoholic beverages, salt, sugar, oil, fried foods, dairy products, red meat, nuts, chips, fast food, cakes, coffee and carbonated drinks.Also fruits that you should avoid: avocado, coconut, raisins and figs.

Although chocolate diet seem tempting , do should not overdo.

  • Breakfast: popcorn (without salt and butter) and fruit .
  • Lunch: pasta salad.
  • Snack: Popcorn, fruit ice cream with low-fat milk or black chocolate.
  • Dinner: Pasta with tomato sauce and garlic, salad.

You can eat chocolate with each meal. Well , weight loss is easy now !

source: healthyfoodteam

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