The process of weight loss does not happen overnight, but too strict diets are the reason why the majority of people are giving up of their purpose. If you want to lose weight, you must start up your body. The best and fastest way is walking at least 15 minutes a day. But it is also important to make changes in everyday habits and diet. However, it does not mean you have to quit sweets and favorite food.

1. Patience is a virtue!

Hunger can be “killed” in different ways, and one of them is to have fun and relax while eating. The faster you eat, the faster you feel hunger again. Eat bite after bite, chew thoroughly and thus more quickly you’ll become full. Force yourself after each bite, to leave the eating utensils until completely disappear from your oral cavity.

2. Full and not filled!

To stay fit or to lose weight don’t have to sacrifice your favorite dessert or meal but reduce the amount, and then fill the plate. The easiest way to the desired weight is the amount. Try to reduce your portion and stop eating as soon as you feel that you have killed hunger. Experts believe that you won’t gain weight from the foods you eat but the amount you will eat.

3. Small frauds for the stomach!

The oldest trick by which you’ll halve every dish is the appetizer. I.e, soup or salad before eating is a miracle weapon that will save you from overeating. Before you tilt on your favorite meal, eat a plateful of fresh soup or salad and then eat the main meal. Appetizer will protect you and you will eat at least one third less food.

4. Bread, dessert or drink?

Food of which we most gain weight is packed with various calories that we worship. The main culprits are bread, sweets and beverages containing greater amounts of sugar. But that does not mean you have to discard all three vices, but to choose just one of them. Therefore, if you reach for a piece of bread, skip dessert and drink water.

5. No skipping meals!

The worst thing you can do is skip a meal. Only then you will feel intense hunger and need for food that will make you during the next meal to overdo eating.

source: healthyfoodandsporttips.

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