It seems that it is impossible to get rid of all the inevitable exposure to the toxic chemicals. They are everywhere around us, in our homes, in the restaurants we dine, in our offices, and so on.

However, the only place we have absolute control of the items we use is our home. Therefore, in this article we will present you the five common household items that you need to remove from the area you live.

5 Common Household Items to Get Rid Of

  1. Artificial Sweeteners

Since sugar is very bad for the human body many people tried to find another alternative to it, and in most cases those are artificial sweeteners which are very harmful. As a matter of fact, they are more harmful than the consumption of regular sugar itself. They include the following ones:

  • Acesulfame K – carcinogenic, it can affect pregnancy, and cause tumors.
  • Aspartame – for persons with phenylketonuria it can become terminal, and as well as is related to skin cancers.
  • Saccharin – cannot be digested and can cause bladder cancer. It is actually excreted by the liver unchanged.
  • Sorbitol – Due to incomplete digestion in the intestines it can cause gas, bloating, and diarrhea.

So, instead of using artificial sweeteners you can always go for the natural ones cultivated without refining. Here they are:

  • Erythritol – it has no impact on blood sugar levels, cholesterol, or insulin.
  • Yacon syrup – aids constipation because it feeds the good intestine bacteria.
  • Stevia – can lower blood pressure and as well as blood sugar.
  • Xylitol – boosts bone density and reduces the risk of tooth decay.
  1. Plastic Bottles and Food Containers

When the beverages and food is stored in plastic food containers and bottles, the chemicals that are contained in the plastic leach, and hence it gets digested together with the food or drink we are consuming.

One of those chemicals is Bisphenol A which is utilized for hardening the plastic in water bottles, Tupperware, and other products made of plastic.

Many studies have already confirmed the negative impact of Bisphenol A on the human health. Even The Food and Drug Administration has changed their attitude towards Bisphenol A in 2010, stating that there is “some concern” on the effect it has on the brain, prostate glands, and behavior in young children, babies, and fetuses.

Therefore, always use glass or metal water bottles and food containers; try to exclude disposable plastic from daily use. By managing this, you will save your health and the environment as well.

  1. Non-Stick Cookware

The non-stick cookware is widely utilized cookware in U.S, even though it was proven that toxins are being released in the food while cooking. Although this process is not visible, it is real as once you heat up non-stick cookware, its coating begins to decompose at a molecular level, releasing different toxic particles and gases based on fluoride, many of them are proven carcinogenic. For that reason, remove non-stick cookware from your kitchen, and use ceramic ones or pans and pots which don’t release toxic fumes.

  1. Commercial Cleaning Products

Most of you have all kinds of cleaning agents for your bathroom, windows, kitchen, and many other facilities of your household. These cleaning products are used as prevention against buildup of dangerous bacteria in the house, but sadly enough many of them are related to asthma and other respiratory issues.

BPA, triclosan, parabens, and phthalates are substances known to impede the hormone balances and they are traced in many cleaning products.

Therefore, try to use natural cleaning products like baking soda and vinegar as they contain antimicrobial cleaning properties without the side effects of the bought cleaning products. Moreover, it is confirmed that they are effective against E.coli, salmonella, staph, and other bacteria.

  1. Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are used for removal of unpleasant odors, however according to recent research it was revealed that the releasing fumes coming from air fresheners are more dangerous than the cigarette smoke and can lead to numerous respiratory issues, including asthma and hormonal imbalance.

According by a recent study performed by the Public Health England’s Center for Radiation, Chemical and Hazards revealed that in the content of air fresheners there is a “considerable”amount of formaldehyde that is classified as a “known human carcinogen” by the United States’ National Toxicology Program. Also excess use of air fresheners has been related to nose and throat cancers.

The natural alternative of the bought air fresheners is the use of essential oils. Aside the pleasant aromas in our homes, it was proven that they are very good for the overall health as well. In fact, it was shown that inhaling rosemary oil can stimulate the nervous system and improve the mood.

Prepare your own air freshener:

Add 10 to 15 drops of your favorite essential oil in a cup of distilled water. Transfer the solution into a spray bottle, and then spray it around your home just like you are doing with the store-bought air freshener.

Source: staynaturallyhealthy

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