This Juice that we are going to present you below is ideal to help you burn abdominal fat and lose weight. It has additional benefits such as speeding up the metabolism; giving satiety helping you reach each meal with less appetite, have a diuretic effect and prevent constipation. Recipe YouRead More →

Sweet potatoes have been a common ingredient in some of the best tasting meals and desserts – and it turns out that they are actually healthy. They are naturally sweet, not containing excess sugar, and have a calorie count. Sweet potatoes are healthy, affordable, and could help prevent blindness andRead More →

Losing weight is something almost everyone wants to acquire nowadays. That`s something almost everyone works on constantly. But, still, it`s not so easy to achieve without a lot of effort and dedication Generally, people look for different methods to lose weight: pills, diuretics, laxatives, extreme diets or routines of exerciseRead More →


Every morning, millions of people start the day with a cup of hot tea, some of them put sugar, some organic honey, and some without anything in tea. All these people know that tea is healthy and beneficial, but not everyone knows about the benefits of green tea, even fewerRead More →